hi. my ult ccs are frank castle, nagito komaeda, and dan dreiberg! i love them all so much and im married to all of them and i character claim dan dreiberg NO ONNEEE loves him more than me >:) hes baby actually no hes not hes not baby. i love komaeda as stupid as that is because idk he makes me so heart eyes i.. i bet his hair is so soft. frank castle is NOT just a kinnie cc i swear i actually love him i cant tag anyone as frank and yes i have a highlight for him. OOOH i also love steve rogers, jessica jones, and...sigh... edward nygma. OH and i love eridan ampora so fucking much my boo since 2014 UGH king

my comfort medias are bioshock, star trek/wars, american horror story 1-5.

my other ccs are lux (lol), picard (st), yoosung (mm), deigo (tua) :) if i'm upset send me pics of them!

comfort ppl r my best friend, thom yorke, and paul rudd

kin cc byf